About Jet Doc

Easy to doc. Turns your PWC into a boat.

What’s a Jet Doc?

What if you could have the fun of a jetski AND the convenience of a boat all rolled into one? Well, that’s what the Jet Doc is!

Imagine being able to take the family for a cruise on the water but then being able to detach the jetski and head out for a ride. Your boat stays where it is with the family safely on board. With just a few clicks, the jetski docks back into the boat and everyone is on the move again.

The Jet Doc expands your options for fun on the water to make sure everyone is entertained. Best of all, theĀ Jet Doc and the jetski fit on the one trailer so you don’t have to choose the jetski or the boat to tow – you can take them both!

The Jet Doc revolutionises watersports and helps you gets the most out of your jetski. Be next to get on board and out on the water in a Jet Doc next summer.